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Our Non Profit Partner


Sustainable Tomorrows is a nonprofit Organization whose mission is to use innovative renewable energy technologies to ensure that EVERY PERSON finally has equal access to the basic necessities;

Water, Food, Shelter, Transportation, Health & Opportunity

They do this by harnessing the abundance of resources available on Earth in a way that does NO HARM to the planet!

In 2018 Sustainable Tomorrows became involved with several Native American Tribal Nations located in the Southwest USA who have asked us to help them find a way to bring food, water, heat, housing, revenue and electricity to their people who unfortunately, somewhat shockingly, quite often lack some, if not all of the above…


What they have: Lots of land located in a place where there’s a LOT of sun.

What we have: Technology & Ideas – A big desire to help


To find out more about Sustainable Tomorrows please visit


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